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Yard Barns/Accessory Structures - What do I need to know?
In 1974 Grant County Commissioners adopted the Areawide Zoning Ordinance. The county ordinance specifies that structures over 120 square feet have an accessory building permit from the Grant County Area Plan Commission prior to installation. Within the ordinance, it addresses building rules to use for construction that are based on the International Residential Code book with Indiana Amendments. The IRC states that any detached garage, carport or accessory structure over two hundred (200) square feet must be placed on a permanent foundation and/or footer. With the recent construction and purchase of yard barns larger than 200 square feet (10x20)several counties in Indiana are allowing for options for permanent foundations. Other methods may be approved by the Building Inspector to meet the anchoring and base requirements. Please contact the Area Plan office for more information.

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